On September 8th, Ketzel Levine and her sidekick, Zoe Mae, take off for Cuenca, Ecuador, to find a few good homes for a few great dogs. Their adventures will be chronicled in The Heart Of Barkness.

On August 20th – that’s this Saturday! – they’re having a yard sale and stupendous raffle to raise money for ARCA, the Ecuadorean dog refuge with whom they’ll be working.

(Zoe Mae’s job has yet to be determined. Obedience training is not on the list).

The raffle items are truly off the charts. The ticket prices, well, they’re downright silly:

  • $10 for 1
  • $25 for 3
  • $50 for 7
  • $75 for 10
  • $100 for 15

  • Now take a look at some of the fabulous Oregon artists whose works are featured in the raffle:

    Underwater Photography by Award-Winning Photographer, Mary Edwards

    Watercolor sketch from Klamath County by artist Alex Hirsch

    5' Garden Sculpture from the whimsical studio of metal artist, Susan Levine

    These dogs are an example of Chris Nelson's extraordinary talent. The raffle work is an equally irresistible terrier!

    After you purchase your online raffle tickets, let us know the number you bought. (Yes, we do trust you). We’ll then write your name on as many pieces of paper as your largess allows and put ’em in the bowl.

    The raffle will be open through Saturday night. Winners will be notified on Sunday. Then, come and get it!

    All you gotta do now is…click!…and buy it. On behalf of the dogs of Cuenca, our heartfelt thanks for your support.

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