Meet some of our first Charter Members:

Joy Nicholson and Steven Kotler

“We don’t have a logo yet,” says Joy Nicholson, “so we use my ‘son’ Buddy’s photo. Buddy is a perfect example of the dogs we rescue. He came in as an older dog with severe behavioral issues, mange, a cleft palate, and assorted dental problems. Now he is our ambassador dog.

“We only take in dogs from shelters, and have a soft spot for elders and hospice cases. Older dogs are wonderful!”





PAW Team
Wendy Kohn, Executive Director

Portland, OR.’s PAW Team provides monthly veterinary care “to the pets of people who are homeless or in extreme poverty.” It was created in the early 1990’s and now serves as many as 150 animals during its one day clinics, where some 70 volunteers – including veterinarians and vet techs – provide first class care to companion and service animals.



Allison Lance, President and Founder
Danielle Thompson, Executive/Program Director

Few people are aware that dogs and cats are threatening the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands, located off the coast of Ecuador. Large numbers of strays harass and prey on marine and land iguanas, young tortoises and birds. GPS is dedicated to addressing this problem with a number of strategies, including placing strays, promoting spay/neuter, and developing local humane education programs.




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